Published on:

16th Jun 2020

Pawn Sacrifice

A radio play completed using Zoom meetings during the pandemic of 2020. Features the acting talents of students and professionals in the Atlanta, GA area.

The story is set many thousands of years in the future. A young mother explains to her daughter why she is said to have "two fathers" and how the colony ship survived its encounter with the dreaded Galactic Fellowship.

The voices for Gana and Cortana were generated through voice-modification software. The video of the recording sessions is available here: https://youtu.be/a6XLm4zyVtk


Gana/Nin-Kee San: Katie Ivey (resumes.actorsaccess.com/katieivey)

Ensign Beam/Ahn-Quin Matta: Connor Hammond

Ortho: Jonathan Vaughn (jonwvaughn96@gmail.com)

Captain Teal: Justin Williams (jwilliams24@tiger.brenau.edu)

Sister E: Elizabeth Chappelle

Elevator Assistant: Alison Reeger Cook

Cortana: Anthony Birch

Written, produced and directed by Anthony Birch, Ph.D.


"Metre - Sand Dweller" by Nul Tiel Records


"Sleep Music" by Luke Martin


"Waiting for the Light" by Electric Skky



Wind chimes (CC 3.0) by CGEffex


Additional sounds from freesound.org

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